Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adventures In Painting & Good Times!

Painting week for us started early the Saturday morning after we closed until late the following week. 90% of the house was being repainted. The only rooms that were safe from our wrath were the basement, bathrooms, foyer and hallways. The rest was free reign!

Luckily Nana and Jason volunteered to help and it was actually pretty fun. We set up some speakers, got Pandora comedy channel going and went to work. Needless to say the job took awhile due to needing multiple coats of primer and paint (and no, the Primer/Paint in one DID NOT work for us. Tried it, it flopped).

But unfortunately, after a few days, I wasn't much help. I started getting some funky, ridiculously itchy bumps on my arms. I'm allergic to basically everything and just thought it was the detergent on the sheets or something. Well, it didn't get better, and actually started getting worse. I ended up with a full body rash that even started on my face. By day 3 we finally figured out it was probably something in the paint and by that point, I was so insanely uncomfortable it was time for a trip to urgent care. The doctor was especially concerned because it had started appearing on my palms and was making me nauseated. So I got a lovely shot of steroids in the tush and was sent home with a two week supply of oral steroids in pill and liquid form. That was the end of my painting fun and my new trip into the land of 24/7 drowsy from the meds.

But enough of that lovely story, on to the before and afters!!!

This is the main living room complete with three awesome colors. Pea green and both light and dark brown walls. Um no thanks.

Online I had found and fallen in love with this little accent carpet and had to have it. So I thought it would be cool to paint the walls in the living room the matching color. (This rug is the navy version. Ours is actually a dark blue/grey color)

So after several swatches and trial areas we finally found the perfect color. It's already prepped for paint if you're wondering what all the white spots are. (The color is actually a smidge lighter than in these pictures.)

Then came the dining room, which we will actually be using as a play room. This was the old color. Not terrible, just a little much for my tastes for what we wanted to use it for.

We decided to go with one shade lighter than that of the living room because it would also go with the color we were planning to use in the kitchen and would make for a nice flow. (Again, also a bit lighter than in this picture.)

Next up was the kitchen. This one was a doozy to paint. This salmony red/orange color was so dark that it probably took the most time and coats of all the rooms.

For the kitchen we decided to use a light sandy color to match with the foyer, both up and down stairwells and the upstairs hallway. (We actually took a small patch from near the floor to get a color match).

This way the whole main floor flowed together. (It's  little brighter than these pics)

Now that we had the main floor good to go, it was time to head on upstairs. We started on Isabella's room, because that one was going to take a while. I'm guessing they chose these colors based on the curtains they left (which we actually like and plan to use in the playroom). But, they were still a little... much let's say. (Note the sweet lighting fixture. 99% of the light fixtures in the house are going as well. *cough**cough*)

We actually let Izzy choose her own color for her room. She chose this amazingly bright pink. Who needs a light fixture?!? We actually plan to eventually add some beadboard and chair rail to the bottom half and Izzy also wants some white poka dots. We may just go with decals for that part.

Then came Adeline's room. Her room was super easy. It started out white!

Originally I was thinking to do her room a light lilac color, but after painting the playroom, I really really liked the color. It gave off such a nice sky feeling that we thought it would go beautifully with the tree and animal wall decals that we already have for her room. So we used up the rest of the playroom paint. (Note another sweet lighting fixture. Bye bye!)

Lastly was the master! (Dang those fans. Too much gold for me. I'm a more muted color person. Less shiny.) This room started out as actually a nice light blue. I didn't hate this color, it just wasn't what I had envisioned.

I actually found this picture on Pinterest and used it as my main inspiration (I didn't have the original link). Through a lot of searching, I actually came to find out they used white Duct tape to achieve their stripes. It was a special kind of decorative Duct tape, but I still wasn't hip to the idea of using it on my walls.

So, after priming, (since by this point I was mostly out of the painting scene), I set out with a yard stick, a pencil, and some painters tape and got to prepping the wall. Now here is where most people give tips on the best way to do these kind of things. I will spare you, because heaven knows there is a MUCH easier way to do this. The anal retentive, perfectionist part of me kept taping and re-taping trying to get it just right. It quite literally took me 8 hours to get this one accent wall taped up. OUCH! (Though I will say, I have learned that for best results it is best to tape before priming. See, there's a tip!)

But I was quite happy with the results. I forgot to get a pic before furniture was moved in so here it is with furniture. I'm also making a teal accented wall decor for above the bed. (This is the only wall with the decoration. We used it as an accent wall. The other three walls are just the light gray.)

So that was our adventures in painting. I know the decorating and adding our own touches will come with time so instead of doing teeny bits and pieces as we go, in a few months I'll do an Adding Our Own Touches post as by that time we should hopefully have a good chunk of it decorated. Though I'm sure it will be ever changing. ;o)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Double Celebration & A Photographer In The Making

Tonight we went to celebrate both my birthday and the final closing on our new house. After dinner while we were all chatting, Isabella was playing with my phone and decided to work on her photography skills. She went around the table and took pictures of everyone.

A little fuzzy, but she's definitely got the photography eye. ;o)

She also gave a go at being a food photographer.

Very impressive, Iz! =D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Checkin' Out The New Digs!

After Scott & I went for our "It's finally all ours" post closing walk through of the new house (during which time we met our amazing new neighbours who came over to introduce themselves), we ran over to Nana & Papa's to pick up the girls so they could check out their new house too. The first thing both of them wanted to do was run a few laps around the main floor. And then when she thought no one was looking, Addy beelined it for the stairs.

So, we figured what better time to show them their new rooms. They were both pretty pumped.

Then Isabella was curious? about our room. I thought she'd want to check out the bathroom or just see the color (not that it would be staying), but nope! She wanted to run laps.

Some of those colors sure are bold, no?!? The old owners definitely had some brave and interesting tastes, but we're ready to make this house our own and plan to spend the next week before we officially move painting, painting, painting! (We'll be staying with Nana & Papa in the mean time.) Stay tuned for some painting before and afters.

It Finally Happened!!!

So, it finally happened. This morning, on my birthday no less, we actually closed on a new house!!! After all the drama we went through last year I was really hesitant to do any posts about the house hunting we decided to resume (I was just hoping not to have to do another multiple part recap. Ugh!) until something was actually going to happen. I'm glad I did too, because truth be told... we actually lost another house in between the house from last year and the one we now own.

Long story short, it was a short sale. We put in an offer at the end of January. The seller's took our offer and it was off to the bank. We knew it could take a long time and we were fine with that. Six weeks later we finally heard that the bank was making a counter offer. Apparently the seller's realtor dropped the ball and 'mistakenly' gave us the wrong date that we had to accept the bank's counter offer and we were too late. Our realtor told us that it shouldn't be an issue to simply re-issue an offer since the bank already had all of our other information, therefore saving a lot of extra time. But, after filling out all the new paper work and sending it over to the seller's to sign, we came to find out that they had suddenly changed their mind on selling the house and instead were going to do a loan re-modification. Grrrrr! So basically, were we just pawns this whole time in order for the sellers to get a free (on our dime) appraisal on the house and buy some extra time to work with their bank on different terms?!? Thanks for wasting our time and money guys! Appreciate that!

But, we're past that now! Our new house is even better and we are super excited. We're looking at it like it was fate. The day that we were supposed to go look at it we had actually set up a long day of showings. We were originally set to see 8 houses. For whatever reason the market has been picking up, and in the two days since we originally emailed our realtor with houses we wanted to see and he set up showings, 4 of them cancelled with accepted offers. This house had already been on the market a few months and I had flirted with the idea of setting up a showing earlier. It had everything we wanted except for a bit of a smaller yard than we were originally looking for and the online pictures DID NOT do it justice. When we finally saw it, I was like "why wasn't this in the pictures?!?" But, we thought hey let's go for it, and the afternoon we were scheduled for a showing, we also found out it dropped $3,000 in price. Not a ton, but it was something! As soon as we saw it we knew we wanted to make an offer right away, and it was a good thing we did because we came to find out another offer was sent in shortly after we went under contract.

We were a little nervous at the idea of actually having 2 mortgages (we scrimped and saved to be able to do it this way. We wanted to be in a new house before Isabella started kindergarten and we didn't want to deal with the stress of showings and staging our current house with two little kids). But, things actually went really smoothly. On March 22 we headed out to sign the mortgage papers.

Everything went smoothly and we were set to close on April 26. The funny thing about it all was that way back when we were waiting to hear about the short sale, I had mentioned to Scott that I wasn't too worried. I just had a feeling it would all be worked out by my birthday. And loandbehold, I was right! Thank goodness!

It seemed like forever for April 26 to come. I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't spend a lot of time waiting for some kind of ball to drop. I was anxious each and every day. Every time Scott's phone rang I got little butterflies in my stomache. But luckily, the day finally arrived with no snags to be had. Our closing was set for first thing in the morning, so we were up bright and early and ready to go. I was kind of excited at the fact that I got to dress nice for the closing. My mom-iform pretty much consists of t-shirts and workout pants with jeans occasionally mixed in. I don't have much as far as 'nice' clothes go, but I was able to throw together some dress pants, a nice tank and a cardigan.

The actual closing itself went pretty quickly. Just Scott signing his name a million times (I'm not on the actual mortgage because I have little to no credit in the U.S. still, but I'm working on it). We met the previous owners as well who were actually really nice people. I was a little hesitant of meeting them, but I can actually say that I'm glad we did.

As soon as we left the title office we immediately went to the new house, just because we could, and did the ceremonial first door opening. An immediate feeling of relief and happiness washed over us both the second we stepped inside. (Scott actually carried me over the threshold, which I wish I had on tape. LOL It was more of a stumble as he ended up with only one of my legs and had a little trip on the step. But, whatever... we were in!!!)

So, we won't actually be moving our things in until next Saturday. In the meantime we'll be staying with Nana & Papa a few days, heading back to the old house on Monday and Tuesday just to finish getting things packed up, and then head back to Nana and Papa's. Then there will be a huge ton of painting and adding our own touches before we're actually in the house. We have a lot of fun plans for the house (I wholeheartedly blame and thank Pinterest. I only just recently joined so that I could get new ideas for the house. Hahaha) and are so excited to finally be near civilization and so many of our family and friends. This is going to be fantastic!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Haircuts & A Special Dinner

We have a really exciting day planned tomorrow (stay tuned...) and are going to be super busy for the next little while, so Isabella and I decided to take this last chance opportunity to go get our hair cut! Izzy insisted that I go first while she hung out and watched. I'm not gonna lie, I got pretty much the same hair cut I usually get, only this time I decided to leave it long (I honestly only get my hair cut about twice a year and usually get it cut about shoulder length).

While Izzy was getting her hair cut (we agreed to go much shorter for her because she wasn't liking the brushing and knots that were coming with the long hair), she and our hair stylist, Miss Erika, kicked me out to the waiting room so they could surprise me. When Izzy was done, she came running out to show me her beautiful French braids. She was so in love with them, and so was I! She was so happy. It was awesome!

Then on our way to Nana & Papa's we stopped off to get some dinner at Red Robin. Adeline really got into colouring and it was actually a struggle to get her to stop and eat her dinner. LOL

Oh, there's adorable Izzy and her super cute braids again. Hahaha

Now, I'm really going to have to learn to French braid! ;o)

Stay tuned for our super fun announcement tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Daddy Time

Luckily it didn't take long before Miss Adeline was back to her happy sweet little self and giggling and playing with Daddy!

With two new molars peeking through! =D

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Sickies Suck!

OH NOOOO!!! Poor Adeline woke up this morning all stuffy and just plain feeling crummy. She is such a happy good natured little girl that it's absolutely heart breaking seeing her feeling this way.

I'm hoping it's just from teething and that she feels better soon! Poor sweet thing. =o(

Friday, April 19, 2013

Too Fast!!!

As of this morning, my baby girl is registered for kindergarten!

We weren't expecting to register her just yet. We're really hoping to move before the fall when school starts and the city we're hoping to move to is a school of choice city. This means that if you prefer to go to a school that is 'outside your designated district' you have that choice as long as there is room. I have been researching schools like crazy and there are 2 that I am particularly interested in. Kindergarten round up for these schools (touring and learning about the school) isn't until May 1 and May 7. We figured we'd go to both of those and then decide for sure afterwards.

Then yesterday I got a text from Scott's mom. She was a teacher for a long time and still has a lot of friends at both of the schools we are looking it. She was told that the school highest on our list already has a waiting list and the second one on our list is filling up fast!

So, this morning I sent Scott out to get Isabella registered. As it turns out, Izzy is currently #1 on our top school list and fully registered at school #2. After the kindergarten roundups we have to fill out a form designating which school is our top choice, which is second and have it signed by both principals. Then we go from there.

My baby girl is registered for school!!!!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The World According To Izzy: When I Was Little

While the girls were having their bath, Adeline started fussing letting me know she was done with the whole bath business for the night.

Izzy: "I've never had these problems with my children!"
Me: "You don't have any children."
Izzy: "I did when I was little."

????? Where do they come up with this stuff?!? LOL

The World According To Izzy: Not A Baby Anymore

While playing, Isabella was getting frustrated with Adeline because she kept trying to grab whatever Izzy was playing with at the moment.

Izzy: "I just keep trying to tell her to stop, but she just won't listen."
Me: "I know, honey. I'm sorry. But you have to remember that she's just a baby and she doesn't always understand..."
Izzy (interrupting): "But she's not a baby! She's a toddler!"

I guess I can't argue with that. Hahaha.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The World According To Izzy: When I'm 5

This morning during a loud thunderstorm one particularly loud clap of thunder sounded and startled Isabella:

Izzy: "What was that sound, mom?"
Me: "It's okay, it was just some thunder."
Izzy: "I'll like thunder when I'm 5. On my next birthday I'll like thunder!"


Sunday, April 7, 2013

The World According To Izzy: In Love Forever

While batting a balloon around with Scott:

Izzy: "Pink is my favourite colour!"
Scott: "Yeah?"
Izzy: "Yes! That means me and mommy will be in love forever!"

Awwwww! You got that right, kiddo! =)

Happy Birthday Sylvia! ;o)

Lately Isabella has been obsessed with birthdays. Everyday she mentions that it's this or that toy's birthday. She's become particularly attached to this little stuffed baby chick (which she named Sylvia) that Adeline actually got for Easter (luckily Addy doesn't mind) and asked if we could throw her a birthday party. Why not? So I dug out some streamers and balloons that we had and whipped up a quick little birthday sign and off we went.

We had a little 'picnic' lunch in her room and played a few games and Izzy wrapped up one of her toys to give as a 'gift' for Sylvia. It was a fun little afternoon. I absolutely love watching her imagination take off.

Though now I fear she may want a birthday party for all of her toys. She has a lot of stuffies! Ugh! ;o)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Picture Break #84

Somebody score me my basket! This hunt is on like Donkey Kong!

Okay Siena, here's the scent. Find the rest of the eggs!

My own personal stylist!
(She was so proud of herself thinking she put the sock on me. Too cute!)

See, I love my sister, Mommy... today

 Sometimes, like this, she just looks so much older...

then other times, like this, I see my sweet baby girl still!

Snow in mid-April?!? That's hi-larrrrrious, Mommy!

(mommy disagrees!)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter morning started with the girls getting all fancied up in their Easter dresses and then heading downstairs for their annual Easter egg hunt.

Adeline got a lot more into it this year and really liked putting the eggs in her basket.

And Isabella was an Easter egg finding machine! She could spot them across the room.

After the hunt and all the eggs were found (it's always interesting because for some reason we never seem to have much trouble finding all the plastic eggs, it's finding all the hard boiled ones that gives us the most trouble), it was time to dive into the Easter baskets.

The girls were pleasantly surprised to find them packed with plenty of books, small toys and of course a few treats.

It was a pretty fun and busy morning, but luckily both girls were game to pose for a little Easter picture for me.

Happy Easter everyone!